29 July 2008


cutest nephew around!!!!!!!

13 June 2008

Long Time No Write....LOL

The last time I up dated my blog it was December 10 .

Really right now I would be outside tanning but my lovely friend

Kaitlyn loper reminded me I needed to post a new blog and some new

pics. so here I am....A brief over view of my life since December 10 lol

I am gladly out of school and enjoying it. last week end I went to aunt

and my uncle's house.It was a lot of fun we went shopping and swimming.

So now I am caught up to Friday June 13. Here are some pics......

10 December 2007

New picture of Levi!!!!!!!

long time no blogging....

Wow it has been a very long time
since the last time I blogged. Well if you were wondering
what happened with the potatoes
incident.... my brother is doing well he and my
dad and Paul pulled the stitches out a week ago.
besides that there has been the church Christmas
potluck and odds and inns,like going to school
and doing home work.

21 November 2007


Today me and my brother had
no school:)My mom called about noon
and told my brother to cut
potatoes that was all good until
hey slipped and cut his middle finger.
he called my mom and my mom told him to
go to Heather Lopers house who's house is also in
my neighborhood. She sayed the cut was not bad but it
would not stop bleeding so they took him to
argent care and they gave him five stitches her is a video
of his finger......TOTALY GROSS.......

14 November 2007

much better

much better!! Finaly much better after

many days of ichying I am 99.99 percent

better I still have a red face but it is improving.

It is all most gone.

My week.....Monday we went to the store and we were looking through the clearence and found an old grandma mask and let me tell you that was the best 75 cents we have ever spent.here are some pics....

07 November 2007

Spending Time With the Family=)

Yesterday we had no school and my mom took the day off of work. We planned to go see my sister and little Levi. My dad wasn't going to come with us but he suprized us all and took the day off and came with us. We went shopping... one of my sisters favoritethings to do! First we went to Goodys, then we went to frisch's, next we went to Kohl's.

That was the best part! I got new shoes. We were looking forwide tennis shoes cause my feet are very weired. Next we went home and I had to go to the doctor for my poison Ivy.